Welcome to the Laguna Beach Interscholastic MTB Team

If you are attending grades 6-12 in Laguna Beach then come ride with us!  All skill levels are welcome from first time beginners to seasoned shredders!

Our Team is registered with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).  All coaching and volunteers are subject to NICA accreditation and rules.  Come ride with our expert coaching staff to build foundational skills or train hard so you can be ready to race!

Our season runs December thru May with racing beginning in March.  There are races for Middle School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity, and more.  Compete against over 60 schools within our local SoCal League.

Our goal is to provide safe and competitive riding that builds strong bodies and strong minds.

See you on the trails!


Practice Starts Monday, December 5, 2017

Mon, Wed, Fri  – 3:30pm  – Alta Laguna

Note: Practice times and days subject to change


Who runs this organization?

Our Team is locally run with governance from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).  This sport is not run through LBUSD.  However, racing is billed as “High School Mountain Biking” and integration with local schools is dependent on school administration.  Some students at other schools receive PE credit.

Can we race downhill only?

NICA currently only offers insurance and race programs for Cross Country Mountain Biking.  However, downhill skills clinics will be offered so riders can reach their full potential on all sections of the race course.

Wil this conflict with other seasonal sports?

Yes.  However, we want this to be your sport of choice.  Once we prove to you that there is a real training program with real competition you will see the value in this sport.  Your riding and fitness will progress and you will want to stay with it in the off-season.  That said, if you are still a multi-sport student let’s talk about how we can make it work for you.

I just started riding, can I still join?

All skill levels are welcomed.  Practice will be separated into different skill levels and you can progress at your own pace.

If I don't do well in a race will I be cut from the team?

There are no cuts; everyone who tries makes the team and can race.  If you commit to the Team, we will commit to you.  You will become faster and more fit over time after riding with us.  We strongly believe that developing fitness, skill, and a love for mountain biking in student-athletes is much more important than winning medals.

How much will this cost?

Aside from equipment, your total dues for HS will be about $500 and for Middle School will be about $300 if you do all the races.  If finances are a challenge for you, please talk to us about scholarship opportunities.

I want to ride but I'm not interested in racing, can I still join?

This is structured like a school sport.  You will train and progress and test your skills and fitness against other schools.  You will be proud to represent your school in competition.  We want to encourage sportsmanship, school pride, and teamwork.  Racing will be expected, but we will provide the training necessary to get there.

This sounds dangerous.

All sports are dangerous.  We understand the dangers unique to this sport and NICA provides insurance and risk management training to minimize incidents.  Coaches are given classroom and on-dirt instruction.  In addition there are strict duty of care guidelines for working with minors.

Is this only for boys?

We are an equal opportunity team. We encourage all girls to come out to participate, compete and exercise their skills on the trails. We will have female coaches and leaders providing expert instruction to both the girls and boys team members. Practices may likely have both boys and girls, but the competitions will be gender specific.

When is the season, and how often will we practice?

The season runs from Dec-May. Races are held from March-May. Practice will be held 3 times a week excluding race weekends.

How far will we travel? And will we go on a bus as a team?

The races will be held at the following locations:
Vail Lake, Castile Lake, Lake Perris, and Keyesville.  At this time, travel to the races will be in personal vehicles and carpools. Practices will be held in Laguna Beach.

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